Fill Up Aadhaar Enrollment Form (Step by Step Guide)

The Aadhar Registration Form is divided in pages. On the first page you have to fill up your details. On second page of Aadhar Enrollment Form detailed instructions and list of necessary documents are given.

Steps to Fill Up Aadhar Enrollment Form

There are points to be filled up in New Aadhar Enrollment Form. Follow the steps below to fill up Aadhar Form-

Point – Pre-enrollment ID:

If you have taken online appointment through Online Appointment System of UIDAI, write the pre-enrollment ID here. If not, leave this box empty.

Point – NPR Receipt/TIN Number:

This column is also optional. If you have any NPR (National Population Register) survey slip or TIN number, write it in this column, else leave it empty.

Point – Full Name:

Write your Full Name in this column. The name which you will write here, should match with your identity proof documents.

Point – Gender:

Tick mark on any of the options i.e. Male/ Female or Transgender.

Point – Age/ Date of Birth:

Fill your Age or Date of Birth in this column. If you have any documentary proof of your DOB, write your date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format in the column, and tick the “Verified” box.

If no any date of birth proof is available with you, just write your age in years, and and tick the “Declared” box.

Point – Address:

Write your full address which should match with any document your are providing with as proof of identity. You have to write your House No., Building Name, Road, Street Name, Landmark, Area/ Locality, Village/ Town/ City, District, State and Pin Code, whatever mentioned in your proof of identity. You also have to write your Email or Mobile No. here.

Point – Details of Family Members:

If you are applying Aadhar Card for a child below years, you must write the name of Father, Mother or Guardian of child here. Else you can leave this column blank.
However, if you want to fill this column, you may write here the name of applicant’s Father/ Mother/ Guardian/ Husband/ Wife nam, with his/ her aadhar number.

Point – Verification Type:

If you have provided the documents of your proof of identity and Date of birth etc, tick this option. Else you can choose the options as Introducor based or Head of family.

For Document Based: Write the name of documents which you are providing with application in columns like PoI (Proof of Identity), PoR (Proof of Relationship), DOB (Date of Birth) etc.

Point – For Introducer Based/ For HoF Based-

If no any documents of proof of identity/ address is available with you, you can choose either Introducer Based or HoF Based options, and fill the Aadhar number of your Introducor or HoF (Head of Family).

You also have to get the signatures of concerned person (Introducor or Head of Family) in this column.

In the bottom of this page, you have to put your signatures, sumbit it to your nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center with relevant documents. The UIDAI’s staff will take your fingerprints, iris scan and photograph.

After this process, you will get acknowledgement slip/ enrollment slip, through which you can Check your Aadhaar Card Status through UIDAI’s website.

Steps to Download Aadhar Application Form ( For New Enrollment & Correction)

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