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Our motto is to provide with useful information regarding Aadhar Card, Checking Aadhar Card Status and details of Aadhar Enrollment Centers of India. So, a lot of helpful information related to Aadhar Card is available on this website.

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar Card is the unique proof of Identity of individuals in India. The government of India issues Aadhar Card after taking the finger prints and iris scan of people. UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) issues the Aadhar Card on its behalf.

You can use Aadhar Card anywhere in India as a proof of Identity. The government of India provides this card absolutely free of cost to people.

An Aadhar Card has unique digits printed on it. A unique QR Code (not Bar Code) is also printed on the card to verify the card is original or not. This code contains all the information of card holder in electronic form.

Biometric Information

Every individual’s unique demographic like residence address and biometric information is taken by the Aadhar operator. After that the same is also stored in main database of UIDAI. The biometric information contains photo, fingerprints and iris scan details of a candidate.

Aadhar Card- Front & Back

On front side of Aadhar Card, the information like Name, Sex, Date Of Birth is printed along with the QR Code and Aadhar Number. Other information like Father’s Name and Address is printed on the back side. This information is available on the card both in Hindi and English language.

As it is mentioned on Aadhar Card- “Aadhar Card is proof of identity, not citizenship”, it is understood that the Aadhar Card can be used anywhere in India as the Proof of Identity only. You can not use it as a proof of citizenship. However you can also use it on many places and departments in lieu of Voter ID Card.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) maintains the project of Aadhar Card in India. It was established by Government of India in Jan. under the Planning Commission of India.

Who can get Aadhar Card?

Any individual of any age and sex can apply for Aadhar Card. The persons having no citizenship of India also apply and get their Aadhar Card. That’s why it is also compulsory for children also.

Validity of Aadhar Card-

AADHAR Card once generated remains valid for lifetime. There is need not to renew the Aadhar Card in future.

Is Aadhar Compulsory or Not?

However Aadhaar Card is not compulsory for everyone, but the interested people can get their Aadhar Card as it may be used to get benefit of many government schemes like Pahal DBTL Scheme for getting subsidy in bank accounts. Aadhaar Card is completely voluntary and optional in country. It is not mandatory for everyone to get enrolled with it.

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